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Sterilization Indicator Process

Our labels normal or triplex are realized with or without class 1 process indicators according to EN ISO 11140-1 for steam, ethylene oxide/eto, and hydrogen peroxide/plasma sterilization processes.
They are available in four different background colours: red, blue, yellow and green.
Operation description
The PRINTEX products are used for people/patients related traceability of all medical sterilization processes (dentists, hospital, laboratories,)

The PRINTEX MEDICAL Handlabellers can be labelled with a self-adhesive label that contains the following informations:

Production date
expiry date
responsible person
sterilization number
use before
operator number
product number


All packs in the batch and the documentation sheets have the same label content and batch number.
After opening the sterile pack in the operation room the label can be peeled off and adhered to the patient and/or operation-related your documentation. The content of the label allows patient related tracing back to the batch-related documentation in the sterilization department.

Labels without and with indicator for steam sterilization processes are available in four colours: red, green, blue and yellow.

Our kinds of labels colours for the following sterilization processes

Sterilization Process

Indicator Colour




It is the process of destroying all microorganisms and their pathogenic products.It is accomplished by heat (wet steam under pressure at 120C for at east 45 minutes, or dry heat at 160-180C for 3 hours)





Ethylene Oxide (eto)

It is a gas used in manufacturing organic compounds and as a fumigant, fungicide, and sterilizing agent.
It is highly irritating to the eyes and mucous membranes

Eto Indicator




Hydrogen peroxide (PLASMA)

It is a disinfectant and sterilizing agent without antiseptic properties because it is rapidly inactivated by enzymes in the skin. However, the frothing that occurs is beneficial since it loosens debris in wounds.